‘Hukus Bukus’, ‘Alive is awesome’ and other ads

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Shubha Mudgal’s article in last Saturday’s Mint directed us to an ad with lovely music and reminded us that it’s been ages since we commented on any ads on this blog. So here are some of the ads we’ve noticed and liked during the last few months :


The ICICI Bank savings account  ad – Hukus Bukus:

It’s not just the music that’s charming, the entire ad tells a simple and heartwarming story – cannot fault it on execution at all. Nostalgia, Kashmir, childhood, music and a happy ending – the combination ensure that it’s an ad one can watch multiple times without getting bored.

When one is dealing with a mundane product such as a savings bank account and the functional superiority over competition is difficult to establish, it’s essential to build a story that’s interesting, hooks the viewer, connects at an emotional level and efficiently communicates the brand’s promise – all tasks that this ad delivers on.


Bank of India ad :

From an ad that used the magic of music and the mountains of Kashmir to one that’s set in the backwaters of Kerala. This Bank of India ad also uses images from childhood and emotion, the story in this one is simple and sweet too – while the piggy bank idea is not original, it’s well executed, and it links the story to the brand’s promise / benefit; but in this one we felt the benefit mentioned is a bit of a weak link. Unless, of course, the target segment for Bank of India are those who find banks and their officials intimidating and difficult to deal with – for such a TG the ad makes perfect sense.

p.s. Loved the adorable kid in this ad, especially the solemn expression on his face when he tries to hide his piggy bank from the boatman’s gaze.


Cinthol ad, ‘Alive is Awesome’ :

From ‘Imran’s freshness soap’ to ‘Vinod’s body confidence soap’ to ‘Tan Taazaa Man Taazaa’ to ‘Get Ready Get Close’ to ‘24 hour confidence’ to ‘Alive is awesome’, it’s been a long and winding journey for the Cinthol brand.

While there’s no denying that the brand needed to rejuvenated and reinterpreted, we had mixed opinions on this ad. It is pretty cool and gives the brand a different vibe – younger, more fun, almost yuppie but still adventurous; yet we felt that some sections were a bit clichéd and the execution could have been better. We’re also wondering on whether a brand that was so rooted in male grooming will make the switch to being a unisex brand or whether this will weaken its identity in the bargain.

However, in the short term, the move can only help the brand engage with younger consumers, especially with the new hip packaging in cool shades.


Bournvita ad, vitamin D plus calcium :

We liked how they’ve explained the need for Vit D on order to ensure proper absorption of Calcium; it is quite a new concept for most consumers and not an easy thing to educate them on, but the ad uses the child to state this in a fairly direct and simple manner.

The only improvement we’d have liked to see in this ad is some explanation of why vitamin D is needed for absorption of calcium and the mechanism by which Bournvita delivers the vitamin D, even a simplified representation of these might have added to the believability of the ad.


  • Roshni Jhaveri and Zenobia Driver


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