Insightful Innovation – The perfect fridge for Mrs. Dayal

July 19, 2011 at 5:11 am 4 comments

Mrs. Dayal spends a considerable amount of the day in the kitchen, as do most housewives. To relieve the tedium, she often walks into the living room and switches on either the music or the TV, and then continues with the cutting-chopping-stirring etc.  However, lately her comfortable routine has come up against an obstacle – her husband’s retirement has meant that he spends a lot more time watching sports / news on TV in the living room and her source of music is cut off. Which I imagine is what happens to women in a lot of households with retired spouses / adolescent kids / aged parents that hog the TV or music system.

Hence the applause for the latest innovation from Godrej – Muziplay, a fridge with a built-in FM radio and MP3 player. A radical innovation in a category that has not had much activity for some time now, and one that is based on a true consumer insight and need.

(Thanks to Parul Sarin for bringing this product and the ad to our notice)

Based on information available though, seems like the Muziplay is only available in single-door version, which may limit its appeal somewhat. Hope that the company rectifies that by launching several other models soon. The slightly premium pricing will be another barrier, let’s see if the insight behind this model is strong enough to surmount it.


Zenobia Driver

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