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Reader’s point of View : Using Poetry in Communication

We found a loyal reader’s comment on one of our posts’ so interesting that we had to ensure you read it too :

Our loyal reader (let’s call him ‘R’) didn’t really like the ads mentioned in this post about the UBS ads. While he felt they definitely stood out amongst other ads, he didn’t find them visually engaging and wasn’t sure if they could keep the viewer engaged after multiple viewings of the same ad. I suppose the same thought was in the agency’s mind too, which is why so many different ads were produced in this series – youtube itself has about 20 ads, each with a different poem.

R preferred the American Express ads in which noted celebrities (like Wes Anderson and Robert Di Nero) are narrating in a video sequence, he felt that these definitely have a better impact than the UBS ads because they are visually engaging as well.

You can view the Amex ads here, and here.

Take a look at these ads and see whether you agree with R.


EV Team

April 29, 2011 at 6:22 am 2 comments

A Gem from Tanishq

Tagline: True Diamonds

Campaign: The advertisement shows a husband (Amitabh Bachchan) wanting to surprise his wife (Jaya Bachchan) on her birthday with a diamond necklace. But with the fear of not having enough information about the gift, the husband decides to do some homework, visits a Tanishq store and gets complete information from them. After this, he confidently presents the necklace to his wife and passes on all the information he gathered – the wife is very impressed, but like all women, never satisfied and quibbles about not getting bangles to go with it.


Two key consumer concerns have been addressed through the ad – their need for knowledge about diamonds to make an informed decision and the trustworthiness of the jeweller

It hits the mark when it tries to demystify the confusion and common questions that most people have when buying diamonds. Typically diamonds are assessed basis 4Cs – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carats. The ad addresses two of these four Cs– Clarity and Cut. The ad very clearly and simply informs about the different gradations of clarity in diamonds by explaining abbreviations like VVS, VS, SI. In addition, it also explains how cut is important for the radiance of a diamond – Amitabh holds up the necklace near the lamp and talks about the excellent cut of the diamonds and how it leads to reflections and refractions.

Tanishq, a TATA brand, needs no backing for its trustworthiness, but given that it is such a big-ticket item and how important jewelry purchases are in any family, be it a first time shopper or someone who already owns diamonds, the question of reliability and trustworthiness always creep up. This has been addressed in the ad in multiple ways – claim about no mixing, so all diamonds are of the same clarity and the promise of buy back at current diamond prices – this just puts the consumers at ease instantly.

Not only is it the casting apt, the actors are portrayed in a very real light, in a very real setting – any normal couple would be having a similar conversation in such a situation, it just resonates brilliantly with everyone.

This ad also differentiates itself from the others – most jewelry ads always dial up the emotional benefits – be it Asmi for “I believe in me”, Gili for “Eternally timeless”, Orra forOwn a piece of Eternity”. What is refreshing about the new Tanishq ad is that it is informative in a very realistic relatable context.

Only one quibble about this ad – while good individually, it does not have anything in common with the previous Tanishq ads (click here, here and here to see some previous ads), which were also good individually. There doesn’t seem to be a clear theme about the brand emerging from these ads, in the long-term, this could lead to a lack of a clear brand identity.

Do let us know your thoughts….

Roshni Jhaveri

April 26, 2011 at 9:20 am 6 comments

Classic Campaigns – A Bank and Poetry !

Brand : Union Bank of Switzerland

Tagline : ‘Here today, Here tomorrow’

Campaign slogan : ‘Thoughts that transcend time’

Method used : The campaign by ad guru Neil French featured well-known stage actors reading various famous inspirational English poems. The campaign began in ’96-’97 and ran for a few years. As per available information, it was quite successful.

I loved these ads for various reasons :

One, the manner in which the tag-line was reinterpreted and executed – if the bank wanted to stand for ‘classy’, ‘timeless’, ‘solid / trustworthy’ and ‘(keeps your money) secure always’, these ads deliver that message

Two, the ads stand out from the clutter due to the unusual execution

Finally, on a personal level, I also liked these ads due to the sheer whimsy of having two forms of communication – advertising and poetry – rolled into one

You can take a look at a few of these ads by clicking on the links below :

 If   (Harvey Kietel’s rendition of ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling)

Invictus   (‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley, rendered by Alan Bates)

Bag of Tools   (Maggie Smith rendering R.L.Sharpe’s ‘Bag of Tools’)

Say not the Struggle   (Paul Scofield rendering Arthur Hugh Clough’s ‘Say not the Struggle’)

Though given the declining popularity of poetry, I am not sure how many viewers would enjoy and appreciate such an ad today. What do you think? Take our poll or leave us a comment and tell us whether you liked / didn’t like the ads and why.

p.s. In order to read the poem lyrics, click on the links below :



Bag of Tools

Say not the Struggle



April 19, 2011 at 5:42 am 4 comments

Who is using the Internet & Social Media?

Internet user & usage

  • Age – 19-40 years age group constitutes nearly 85% of Internet users

        In India, ~50% users of Facebook are between ages 18-25 years; another 25% are between ages 26-35 years

  • Gender/ Working status – 85% of Internet users are male, 11% are working women, 6% non-working women and 2% are housewives

        Out of a total 25 million Facebook users in India, 16 million are male

  • City tiers – Top ten cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Surat and Nagpur) have only 37% of the total numbers of Internet users in India. 36% of all internet users can be found in small towns (like Udaipur, Belgaum, Mangalore, Nellore, Kozhikode, etc.) with a population of less than half a million.

        Out of the total 25 million Facebook users in India, 16 million users on Facebook are located in the top 10 cities using internet

  • Place of access – 40 million people in India access the Internet from work (confess now – you’re reading this blog while at office, aren’t you ? ), and 30 million from cafes, apart from 11 million households that have a broadband connection installed

        The percentage of people accessing the internet from office might explain why time spent on a site / blog / page is typically low, and the necessity for communication on the net to be in bite-sized chunks of information (we know this and yet we natter on and on in our posts! Put it down to self-indulgence.)

  • Usage – 97% are regular users (i.e. 2-3 times/ week), of these 79% of internet users use it daily 
  • Purpose of usage – 94% of internet users use the internet for email purposes, 73% use to download music followed by 56% for chatting. Other major purposes for using Internet are job searching (56%), social networking sites (54%) and finding information on search engines (52%)

 (Sources:  IGF, IMRB-IAMAI internet study, iCube report, Facebook) 


Roshni Jhaveri

April 12, 2011 at 4:42 am 1 comment

Internet & Social Media are BIG, but how big is BIG?

Here are some statistics about the growing use of internet in India. (Source IGF, IMRB-IAMAI internet study, iCube report, Google stats)

  1. 102 million unique internet users in India. This implies 8.8% penetration rate.
    • Of the 102 million, 84 million are desktop internet users, 40 million are mobile internet users  and 22 million are ‘dual’ users – i.e. use both desktop and mobile interne
    • According to industry experts, this number is expected to rise to 250-300 million by 2015. These consumers are far more likely to be meeting their digital needs through mobile phones than through personal computers.
  2. There has also been a rise in the time spent on internet as the number of hours spent has gone up from 9.3 hrs/week to 15.7 hrs/week between 2008 and 2009; a 70% increase.
    • This can be attributed to innovative content delivery, improved applications, downloading music or videos, socializing through social networking sites and micro-blogging

To put this in perspective, let’s compare this to other, more mainstream communication channels:

  1. 103 million cable & satellite TV users in India (This does not include Doordarshan which is another 34 million users)
  2. Average time spent viewing TV is 16 hours/ week
  3. Daily circulation of the top 25 national and regional newspapers in India ranges from 0.6 million to 4.2 million each.

Those were the facts about the medium – clearly Internet in India is no longer a channel that can be ignored by a business. Now let’s take a look at the vehicles: (Growth rates basis unique users in March’10 vs. March’11, Source:

  1. Web portals like Yahoo!, Rediff, Indiatimes grew at ~35%
  2. Social networking websites like Facebook grew at a whopping 175%, YouTube grew at 60%, LinkedIn grew at 45%, while Twitter growth was slower in India at 20%. Orkut’s popularity has faded to 20%.Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Blogs, Youtube, etc.
  3. Blogs are not as popular anymore – Blogger didn’t show any growth in the past year and WordPress grew at 10%. That said, blogs are used as a source for information dissemination and not for entertainment or socializing. Therefore, they may still be useful for certain objectives and audience profiles.

The following table gives a snapshot of the viewership and usage of top 12 websites in India

Comparing websites

Not only do the social media sites have an increasing reach but they are also retaining visitors for a longer time.

Need we say more…


Roshni Jhaveri

April 5, 2011 at 12:25 pm 8 comments

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